Our Service

Electric power-related materials

More efficient and more stable at a lower cost... Hikari Kogyo has consistently provided the highest quality materials to suppliers of electric power, which metaphorically speaking may be considered the blood of modern society. The confidence that we have been winning from customers for many years in operations ranging from the construction of electric power plants to power transmission and power distribution to households, has brightened everyone's home.

Heat insulating outer jacketing laggings/ full range of plant materials

Hikari Kogyo supplies diversified materials required for construction of all kinds of plants including power plants, gas plants, petroleum plants, food plants, sludge treatment plants and chemical plants. We hold a dominant share of the market, especially the market for the angler wave R processed outer jacketing laggings that require cutting-edge processing technology and the market for highly-functional heat insulating outer jacketing laggings. The outer jacketing laggings of Hikari Kogyo are employed in a wide range of fields in Japan and overseas.

Building and civil engineering materials

The ability to not only supply materials but also to undertake the construction supervision of road, dam and tunnel construction work makes Hikari Kogyo unique. In this field, Hikari Kogyo's rods used in the tips of rock drills enjoy a stellar reputation internationally for their ability to speed up the drilling process.

Factory materials/ industrial and construction machinery materials

Hikari Kogyo provides its customers with a detailed response from the stage of material examination to the stage of process finishing, meeting diverse requests and delivering steel products of the highest quality. It does this by tapping its extensive network of outstanding manufacturers with cutting-edge technologies in Japan and overseas.